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Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.

Mansil Fiddler’s First Nation YouTube Song Challenge

When I was visiting Solomon Ratt today in his FNU office, Mansil Fiddler from Waterhen  dropped by to tell Sol about the First Nation YouTube Song Challenge he’s extending all across the prairies. Mansil (also known as Medicine Dog) is … Continue reading

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Native Language Programs: What they Need

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Thank you to Cree Literacy Network board member Ken Paupanekis for sharing this conference paper from 2007 that reflects on what a successful Native language program needs. As a first-language speaker of Cree, Ken’s extensive experience includes teaching, school and … Continue reading

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Making things smaller: About Diminutives

Thanks to Elyse McKenna and Arok Wolvengrey for letting me share their recent FaceBook exchange in the Nêyihawêwin (Cree) Word/Phrase of the Day Group about making diminutive forms out of ordinary nouns to describe smaller- (or younger-) than-ordinary things. Depending on … Continue reading

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Use your voice – Poster (y-dialect)

Thanks to Pearleen Kanewapasikot for sharing both the words and image to create this poster for users to print and enjoy. Thanks to Solomon Ratt, too, for editorial help! Click here to download image as pdf. 

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Pearleen Kanewopasikot: Why Language is Important

Thank you, Pearleen Kanewopasikot, for sharing this interview about the importance of language and culture, and for providing transcription in Cree (so others can read along and learn)! I hope we can encourage you to try even more transcription in … Continue reading

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Some Minimal Pairs from Solomon Ratt – With Audio

This great collection of minimal pairs from Solomon Ratt brings together words in Cree that differ by only one sound, some of which are commonly confused. It’s hard to elieve it originally appeared in 2013. We’re re-releasing it to include … Continue reading

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Spring Bike Rides: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect, video)

ispîhk mâna kâ-sîkwahk, wîpac ê-kîskisêpâk, kâ-nikotwâso-kîsikâk, nipapâmi-tihtipiskên cihcipayapisikanis. wahyaw mâna nikakwê-papâmi-tihtipiskên cihcipayapisikanis. kîspin êkâ mistahi sôhkiyowêki nêwosâp cipahaskânis mâna nitihtipiskên cihcipayapisikanis, sâkahikanisihk isi, êkwa kâwi ta-kîwê-hiskamân, mâmawi, nîsitanaw ayênânêwosâp cipahaskânis ê-papâmi-tihtipiskamân cihcipayapisikanis. ispîhk sôhkiyowêki namôya mâna wahyaw nitisi-têhtapin. têpiyahk aciyaw … Continue reading

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miyo tipiska – Happy birthday!

! via GIPHY Birthdays: Everyone’s got one!  In honour of Mary Cardinal Collins, who is celebrating her birthday today (I think it’s her 29th again), it seems like a good time to gather up some good birthday words in Cree. … Continue reading

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PhD Thesis Abstract: Full Text (Solomon Ratt)

Thanks to Solomon Ratt for providing the dissertation abstract – both in English and in Cree – for us to study here, and thanks to Aydin Torkabadi for the really thoughtful gesture of respect for First Languages.  Read the full … Continue reading

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miyo-okâwimāwi-kîsikanisik: #CreeSimonSays Lil Moshom

nôhkom = my grandmother  nikâwiy = my mother  nimâmâ = my mother nisākihāw = “niss saah Key how” = I love him/her.  nisākihāw nikāwiy = I love my mother  

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