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Neal McLeod and Kegedonce launch Neechie Hustle

“Neechie Hustle takes place largely on the fictitious Broken Elbow First Nation in Saskatchewan. The novel provides a satirical look at the Indian Act and also looks at the emergence of neechie swagger of the late 1960s and 1970s.” Congratulations to … Continue reading

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Cree Books for Kids – A Library List

Here (piyisk!) is a very first step in collecting all the titles we can find in Cree (or including Cree) for kids. We’ve needed this for ages, but please be patient: It’s a work in progress. I will continue to … Continue reading

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Education Resource Catalogs for Cree and other First Nations Languages

There are quite a few excellent education resource centres across Canada that produce high quality Cree language (or closely related) materials. This listing gives links to some of their websites and sales catalogs, so you can have a look, and … Continue reading

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Cree Literacy Network launches its first book – In Plains Cree

Saskatoon Public Library is renaming its 20th Avenue Branch this week in honour of the late Dr Freda Ahenakew. To join the celebration, the Cree Literacy Network has responded with a tribute of its own:  nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House: A … Continue reading

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nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House

Read along in Cree with Dolores Greyeyes Sand (scroll down on this page to view complete text in Plains Cree and English)  Read along in Cree (with page-turn sound) Read along in English Buy a copy of nicâpân owâskahikan: Individual copies are … Continue reading

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mâmaskâc! Solomon Ratt’s Beginning Cree is out at last!

Sol’s new book mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree is finally out. Congratulations to everyone involved! And – in addition to Sol himself, and the staff at University of Regina Press, and Holly Martin, and Arok Wolvengrey and Jean Okimâsis and others … Continue reading

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All About Colours in Cree

nanâtohkinâkwan masinahikan: This [blog post] has many colours In English, we learn to name our colours just as we name shapes or animals. Cree works differently. Just as French divides its nouns into “masculine” and “feminine” (and calls that system … Continue reading

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#IndigenousReads in Cree: Emma Minde

Thanks to Les Skinner of Edmonton for permission to post his comments in Cree about this beautiful book of Emma Minde’s stories, lovingly prepared by H.C. Wolfart and the late Freda Ahenakew and published by University of Alberta Press in … Continue reading

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Solomon Ratt: mâci-nêhiyawêwin – Ordering information!

Congratulations, Sol, on the leaping another hurdle en route to seeing your book in print. I’m excited to see the George Littlechild cover. This catalog entry from UofR indicates that pre-orders are being taken. Designed as an introduction for Cree … Continue reading

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Rosanna Deerchild – Translated by Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, with audio)

It’s been exciting to see Rosanna’s beautiful book, Calling Down the Sky (Bookland, 2015) nominated for so many literary awards this spring. Rosanna’s telling of her mama’s residential school story brought tears to many eyes at the 47th Algonquian Conference last October, where I got … Continue reading

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