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Wîsahkêcâhk Goes South: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, y-dialect with audio)

Thanks to Sol for this story, and to Ben Godden for all his work translating and transliterating Sol’s original th-dialect telling into y-dialect. Fabulous teamwork! mâmaskâc!

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tâniwâ / Where? Solomon Ratt (y-dialect, with audio)

One important way in which Cree differs from English has to do with verb number and gender agreement. In English there is only one “where” – and it works any place you’ve got a question about location. In Cree, the word … Continue reading

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Standing with Standing Rock: Water is Life (y-dialect, audio)

Thanks to Isaac Murdoch for permission to use his image, and to Sol for translation. nikanawâpahkân. I am watching. ôta nitayân. I am here. nititisahên mawimoscikêwin. I send my prayers. niwîci-sôhkâpawimâwak Standing Rock; nipiy pimâtisiwiniwiw! I stand firm with Standing … Continue reading

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Halloween Vocabulary from Wayne Goodspirit (y-dialect)

miyo-cîpayi-tipiskâwinisik Happy Halloween Everyone! Thanks to Wayne Goodspirit for sharing this list of Halloween vocabulary last year on Facebook, and to Sol for posing for this special-occasion portrait (as well as recording the vocabulary, divided into three audio files). Apples to … Continue reading

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Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum): A Lesson from the Elders on Pity (y-dialect)

Thanks first to Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) for permitting this experiment, and then to Solomon Ratt and his transcription students – and to Dorothy Thunder – who all contributed to providing this full SRO transcript of this Elders’ teaching that Sylvia recorded on … Continue reading

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Solomon Ratt: Reel Injuns (Satire, sort of) (y-dialect)

* The above image is the work of Byron Merrill. It accompanied the 29 September 2012 opinion piece by David Treuer in the New York Times Sunday Review, which you can read in full at the link below:

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Thinking – in Cree – of our Murdered and Missing Women and Girls (y-dialect, audio)

Solomon Ratt translated the phrases shown on these images at the request of Jacqueline Anaquod for the Sisters in Spirit Gathering, 4 October 2016. She asked for the words in Cree to reflect on our murdered and missing women and … Continue reading

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Solomon Ratt: Beauty Way (y-dialect)

Photograph and translation into Cree by Solomon Ratt from the traditional Navajo verse.

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Powwow Regalia Vocabulary

  Thanks to Solomon Ratt for providing Cree vocabulary (in text and audio) to accompany this set of images gathered by Alan Corbiere for Anishinaabemowin ( These are Sols terms to parallel Alan’s – but Sol says he’s from up … Continue reading

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Wayne Jackson’s Podmatic Cree Language Podcasts

More good listening in Cree, courtesy of Wayne Jackson and Blue Quills College. Looking forward to hearing more of Jerry Saddleback and other elders speaking Cree and talking about their understanding. hay-hay, Wayne, for letting me share this here! Today’s … Continue reading

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