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Wayne Jackson: tipiskâw mêkwac (y-dialect, audio)

Wayne Jackson’s translation of Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night” is hot stuff! I’d say the same about Wayne, but everybody already knows! (Thanks, Wayne, for permission to share!) Note that this is not a direct literal translation: rather, in the … Continue reading

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University of Saskatchewan Honour Song

This honour song, posted by the University of Saskatchewan was composed by the late Tyrone Tootoosis. Tootoosis was approached following traditional First Nations protocol, to create a song making reference to “A Treaty Right to Education.”

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Chamakese & Gladue – Honour Our Women (video, y-dialect)

Thanks to Jason Chamakese for permission to post this song in Cree, honouring women. Jason is playing the flute, while Robert Gladue sings and drums. (I first found the song when Sylvia Mcadam Saysewahum shared it on Facebook). They describe … Continue reading

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Hand Drum Songs by Ross Paskemin

Ross Paskemin from Sweetgrass Cree Nation is a song keeper, drum maker and a member of Sweetgrass Singers. This spring, he released CD with the help of Dr David MacKinnon and the project. His July performance at North Battleford’s … Continue reading

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#CreeSimonSays: Lil Kohkom salutes the King of Rock n Roll

Did you know today marks 40 years since we lost Elvis Presley? To mark the occasion, Simon Bird helped Dolores Sand perform as Lil Kohkom. Hope this brings a smile!

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Bringing the Thunder to L.A.: Northern Cree kimahihcihinân!

Update: Here – from Youtube – is the actual Northern Cree Grammy performance: Congratulations to Steve Wood and all the fabulous members of Northern Cree who will “Bring the Thunder” to Los Angeles on February 12th for the Grammy’s kick-off. Northern … Continue reading

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Stand By Me – Performed by Tristin Greyeyes and Saskatchewan Express

Gotta love this video from Sandra Ahenakew, with all its family connections. Tristin Greyeyes performs Stand By Me in Cree with backup from Saskatchewan Express – a travelling “stars of tomorrow” youth review, in concert in Regina, August 2016. Tristin’s kôhkompan, Freda … Continue reading

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kîspin kisâkihin / If you love me…

“If you love me, come kiss me right away!” A big smooch to Arok Wolvengrey for posting the text of this well-loved classic on Facebook – with line-by-line translation. I know that it’s cute and people always laugh, but with Arok’s translation, I … Continue reading

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kahkiyaw êkwa!

Sung to the tune of “Guantanamera”: Happy Earth Day from Solomon Ratt. kahkiyaw êkwa! Everybody now! (Click here to sing along!) kanawâpahta, kanawâpahta! kanawâpahta, kanawâpahta! miyonâkwa kitaskînaw, kwayask miyonâkwa kitaskînaw, mah-miyonâkwan, mah-miyonâkwa. Look at it, look at it! Look at … Continue reading

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Bannock Boogie! Come eat bannock!

A great shot of energy from Art Napoleon and friends – and a probable theme song for Winnipeg’s Althea “Got Bannock?” Guiboche, celebrating her First Anniversary serving bannock to the homeless on the cold streets of Winnipeg. Art’s dialect is … Continue reading

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