kāmwāci tipiskāw / Silent Night

Aaron Paquette

With thanks to Aaron Paquette for his generous permission.

(from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw)

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
kāmwātan, wāsēyāw
Mary mīna manitow awāsis
awāsis ē-kiyāmēwisit
wētinahk na-nipāw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
anōhc nihtāwikiw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
miyinān miyotēhēwin
mina kita-sākihitāhk
anohc ē-nihtāwikit

One Response to kāmwāci tipiskāw / Silent Night

  1. Barry Edmondson says:

    Brings back memories of Hornepayne Ontario
    My late wife and I pastored there
    Of our Christmas Eve services

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