#CreeSimonSays: Simon Bird and #LilMoshom

I’m a little late to catch on to the Cree language teaching phenomenon that Simon Bird has created with his Little Moshoom Facebook videos. He has an incredible 7,730 followers: and I think I was 7,731! But where Facebook lets you see the good stuff once, then makes you keep scrolling, the Cree Literacy Network is set up to keep things to help us all find them later. So thanks, Simon, for agreeing to let me try hosting your videos here.

Here’s his own introduction from the FaceBook group (which you can visit and follow by clicking here).

Simon is a Cree Speaker with a B.Ed and and M.Ed in Education with a passion to help others learn and connect.

#CreeSimonSays will post a unique way of teaching the Cree Language. Its a fun, easy and simple, but not like Simon, just listen and follow to what Simon Says #CreeSimonSays.

Its as simple as
Meow Kissy Cow or May You Kiss A Cow
Meyokesikaw means It is a Nice/good Day in the Y dialect.

The posts will include Cree words, English words, common pictures and picture word games to be used as cues/aides to help you learn and remember. This fun and easy way that will help teaching the Cree language, its a great resource for teachers, and those with a desire to learn, we hope you have fun.

*Please remember, this page is only intended to be a learning aide. While it does teach Cree, nothing compares to conversing with a fluent cree speaker. Many of the words will be slightly off and the goal is for you to practice.

Any questions? Use the comment feature. All negative comments will be deleted and its users blocked from the sight, mwêstas.

Today’s video covers some really important Rez survival tips. 😉

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āstamik pī-nitohtamok ācathohkīwina ōti mistahi-sākahikanihk

Sorry I can’t be there, too – but hoping we’ll see pictures, and maybe some âcimowina on video!

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Blue Quills Conference on Indigenous Thought, May 2017

An exciting opportunity for those lucky enough to travel:

The theme of the conference, Indigenous Thought and Being, is about celebrating Indigenous peoples’ reclamation of their own systems and knowledge and Indigenous thought regarding present day issues. We will explore a number of sub-themes including Indigenous Knowledge, Health and Well-Being, Education, Literacy, and, interweaving all of these, iyiniw isihcikewin – Ceremony, Culture, and Ways of Being.

Indigenous Thought Poster (pdf)

Contact Information: 

Jennifer Ramsay (lpa-assist@bluequills.ca)
Language Program Assistant

Ross Krekoski (RossK@bluequills.ca) 
Literacy Centre Assistant/Instructor
Literacy Centre Team Lead
Box 279, St Paul, Alberta   T0A 3A0
EXT: 159 @ PH: 780-645-4455
Toll Free: 888-645-4455
Fax: 780-645-5215Sponsored by: BQ Literacy Centre-Indigenous Language Department-IPK/DOC.
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Dr Freda Ahenakew Branch: Saskatoon Public Library Naming Ceremony

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve haven’t got much to add to the Eagle Feather News report of the library renaming in Saskatoon on Friday, 10 February 2017. It was a wonderful, wonderful event for the hundreds (yes! hundreds!) who attended. The Cree Literacy Network was enormously proud to give away 330 copies of its new book, nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House: A family album from the home of Dr Freda Ahenakew thanks to the generosity of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre and other individual donors. Since the remaining 70 copies are all spoken for (and disappearing fast), we’re already planning a second printing!

If I had to choose a single favourite moment, it would be when Dolores Sand, from the podium, invited the crowd to join her in singing to Brian MacDonald – yet another of Freda’s students – his own beloved tânisi song.

A close second came when Cecilia Bahlser – one of Freda’s many granddaughters – got up to leave a “small” family group of 40 or so who had gone for lunch: “I’d kiss you all, but I have to be back at work by 1:45!”

It is really a blessing to help maintain – and spread – Freda’s wonderful legacy.

In addition to my own photos, the gallery above includes images “borrowed” from the Facebook posts of family and other guests at the event, and are shared here with gratitude to Brenda Ahenakew, Simon Bird, Darlene Okimaysim-Sicotte and others.


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miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik! Happy Love Day!

You’ll all be my nîcimosak if you copy and paste some of these images to share the love today. And while you’re at it – by special request (thanks, Sol!) – Here’s Dolores Sand’s recording of ninanamipayin (All Shook Up):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For more Valentine’s messages and vocabulary:


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Some Valentine’s Day tips from #CreeSimonSays and #LilMoshom

One of the many great moments I enjoyed at the library naming last week was meeting Simon Bird, yet another of Freda’s former students who’s still out there promoting Cree language and literacy. Here – with his permission – is his video of Valentine advice – from his Facebook Group “CreeSimonSays”.

You can also find last year’s popular Valentine’s posts here:


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pê-nêhiyawêk with Darren Okimaysim

Not only free language lessons, but free supper included as well! Sure wish I could join in!

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Cree Stories with Louis Bird: Winnipeg

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UofA wahkotowin Project Intensive – June 2017

What an opportunity for the lucky few who get accepted!


NS 403/NS 503/LAW 599 – The ᐘᐦᑯᐦᑐᐏᐣ wahkohtowin Project Intensive: ᒥᔪ ᐑᒉᐦᑐᐏᐣ miyo-wîcêhtowin  Principles and Practice

The Cree concept of wahkohtowin (roughly: our inter-relatedness and interdependence) has been a central tenet of Cree law, philosophy, spirituality and politics for centuries. In this unique summer intensive course, guided by professors, elders, and knowledge-keepers within a community setting, students will actively engage with Indigenous – particularly Cree – legal and governance concepts from a land-based perspective. The course includes an on-the-land camp that will take place over three days in Aseniwuche Winewak territory and will be structured around a  central pedagogy of the traditional tanning of a moose hide.

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#CreeSimonSays #LilMoshom: Library

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