tawâw! Welcome!

Since 2010, the Cree Literacy Network has been cheering and promoting the work of lifelong language warriors who are our founders and friends. We use this blog to honour and support the commitment they share to retain, reclaim, revitalize and restore the language that is a birthright for themselves and their communities.  

Over time, our blog has captured a thousand snapshots of their progress, one step at a time. We stand beside them, building on the foundation laid in the 1970s by our honorary founders, Dr Jean Okimâsis and the late Dr Freda Ahenakew, who both embraced standard spelling as essential technology for Cree as the fully functional 21st-century language they envisioned.

So we greet you with “tawâw.” Literally, “there is room.” There is room in our network for you, as a student or teacher, a linguist or master speaker, or simply a valued friend. We welcome your help creating connections that promote literacy in Cree language and culture.

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tânitê ohci? Where are you from?

Click the map to open the fully interactive “Google My Map” in a new browser tab. There you can zoom in and out, and display Cree place name in standard spelling or in syllabics. Corrections and additions are always welcome.