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Sincere congratulations are in order for Arok Wolvengrey, Ph.D., on completing and defending his dissertation at the University of Amsterdam in February, 2011. Knowing what goes into doctoral studies, it seems to me that congratulations are also equally due to Arok’s spouse, Jean Okimâsis (an honorary founder of the Cree Literacy Network). The Cree Literacy Network is proud to add Arok’s newly-minted dissertation, Semantic and Pragmatic Functions in Plains Cree Syntax (Utrecht, Netherlands: LOT, 2011) to our library of Cree language resources.

Arok appears on the lower right in this photo (taken in May 2009), beside his adopted mother Freda Ahenakew, along with his adopted brothers, Kevin, Spencer, Hal and Lawrence Greyeyes, who will be discussing the first three chapters in next week’s Brothers’ Book Club meeting! 😉

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