Cree Summer Institute at UofM

Summer Institute 2011: Cree Language and Narrative

May 2 – 20, 2011

This Summer Institute offers students the opportunity to study three aspects of Cree language and culture in an intensive three-week period. The Departments of Native Studies, English and Linguistics collaborate to provide students an introduction to the Cree language and its structure, and to Cree literature. The interdisciplinary approach allows students to add a unique focal point to their studies while working with instructors who are specialists in their fields, including visiting lecturers and community guests.

Students are encouraged to register for all three courses, but one or two course registrations are possible. This Institute is open to interested community members. For non-degree credit registration information, contact Summer Session. (The multiple course ids on two of the courses are to accommodate students who wish the course to count toward their major or minor programs by registering under the appropriate course id.)

First Session May 2-13
NATV 1250 A01 Introductory Cree (3 credit hours)
NATV 2320 A01
LING 3820 T01
LING 7620 A01
Structure of the Cree Language (3 ch)
Second Session May 16-20
NATV 2300 A01
ENGL 2490 W T01
Cree Literature (3 ch)

Visiting Scholar: Tomson Highway

A Member of the Order of Canada, Tomson Highway is a Cree from Brochet, in northern Manitoba. He is the author of the widely known and award-winning plays The Rez Sisters and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, and of the novel Kiss of the Fur Queen. He is also a musician who writes and performs in musical cabarets. One characteristic of his many artistic achievements is his use of the Cree language which he inserts in his primarily English texts in various creative ways. Avisiting scholar in Summer Session 2011, he will teach Cree Literature (NATV 2300 A01/ENGL 2490W T01) in the second session.

For more information

Department of Native Studies
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Summer Sessions
(204) 474-6963 or (204) 474-8008
Official Website and click Summer Institutes

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