Traditional teachings passed on via Solomon Rat

From Solomon Ratt: From my traditional teachers, I passed on this list in the last lecture for one of my classes.

Being Cree means having:

nanahihtamowin – obedience;
kistêyihtowin – honor;
kistêyihtamowin – respect;
tapahtêyimisowin – humility;
miywêyihtamowin – happiness;
sâkihitowin – love;
tâpowakêyihtamowin – faith;
wahkohtowin – kinship;
kanâcihowin – cleanliness;
nanâskomowin – gratitude;
mâtinamâtowin – sharing;
sohkisowin – strength;
miyo-ohpikihâwasowin – good child-rearing;
pakosêyihtâkosowin – hope;
manâcihitowin – ultimate protection;
âniskêtowin – inter-connectedness.

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  1. Reblogged this on That Môniyâw Linguist and commented:
    A very nice list of important philosophical concepts expressed in Cree, by the long-time Cree scholar Solomon Rat. Don’t take the translations to heart, though – as always, translation is just an approximation to give you a starting idea.

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