Neal McLeod: wonderbread, wonder

kâ-pônê-mamâhtâwi-pahkêsikanihk (1)
by Neal McLeod

wonderbread, wonder
brah, can you spare me
some bread?
mahti awihin (2)
so we can all win
ching, ching
badda bing
I can hear everyone
at Rama sing

but here
the folks are crying
because there can be
no denying
that the wonderbread folks
have run out of dough

out of dough
out of dough
what stories
can we show
jimmy, jimmy
âcimo! (3)

makes wonder of dough
a little miracle in a bag
the wonder kneading
the wonder baking
then you confiscate
the wonder of universe
and hold it up
between the spaces
between the crust
of the pahkwêsikan (4)

wonderbread, wonder
you make a deadly
makes me wonder
what I will do
without your yôskâwin (5)
shoot me down
to the ground
kâya nakatawin (6)
my stomach naked with wonder

wonderbread, wonder
can you spare me
the last of your dough?

(1) the end of the making of wonderbread
(2) please lend me
(3) tell a story
(4) bread, bannock
(5) softness
(6) don’t leave me

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