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miyo-ocêhtowi-kîsikanisik: A New Year’s wish from Darren Okemaysim

  êkos ôma kâ-wî-kîsi-askîwik kipakosêyihtamâtinâwâw miyo-pimâtisiwin mîna miyo-waskawîwin ka-otihtikoyêk kâhkiyaw – miyo-ocêhtowi-kîsikanisik – sâkihik kâhkiyaw kiwahkômâkanak [………………ku-o.tee.ti.go.yeyk..-…-…kaa.key.yoe…] As the years come to an end, I wish that good life and good health in all that comes your  way … Continue reading

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The Moon Speaks Cree

From Larry Loyie: My new book The Moon Speaks Cree, A Winter Adventure, came in today, a three-year journey to opening the boxes from Theytus Books. I’m so happy that what I dreamed of writing about is now in book … Continue reading

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Merry (Woods Cree) Christmas, one and all!

With thanks for the gifts he gives us all year long, and warm greetings back to Solomon Ratt (and Kittie, of course) for the very best of the holiday season, wherever you may be speaking Cree!   For more Christmas … Continue reading

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Cree Honour Song by Randy Wood, arr. Kirsten Wood

Click here for Youtube Video with Vancouver Peace Choir. 

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Cree classes in Prince Albert

Click here for the full story. Prince Albert / “Little Red River” is the birthplace of our dear elder, Bette Spence! 

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Muskeg Lake Computer Classes

Once I read the fine print on this poster offering free computer classes (with soup and bannock) my heart went from “wahwâ!” to a great big “Ho-LI!” Clint Fourstar, one of the late Freda Ahenakew’s favourite grandsons (a title he … Continue reading

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Indiegogo: Cree Language Classroom in Montreal

Bravo to Chelsea Vowel and friends on this creative initiative to equip a Cree language classroom for Plains/Métis Cree learners in Montreal. Click here to watch the video!

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Sun dogs

Quoting Wayne Goodspirit from the archives of the Facebook Group “Nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word/Phrase of the Day”: ayisk nîwiya ê-itêyihtamân kî-ayiman wahwês êtikwê ta-kisin’ pipohk. A long time ago, it was considered a blessing to surpass the tough test each winter … Continue reading

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CBC News: Cree Names for New Edmonton Bridges

The city of Edmonton is using Plains Cree words to name two bridges on the southeast LRT extension in honour of the aboriginal community. Click here to read more.

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Certificate in Teaching Ininimowin

From Kevin Lewis (a recent Blue Quills MA graduate) now teaching at University College of the North. Calling Cree Teachers from Cree Territory. Have a look at the link and see if you would like to take the program starting … Continue reading

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