Games for fun in any language

The games in this book are described in English so teachers of *any* language can put them to use — and get their students laughing and having fun.

Here is a description copied from McNally Robinson Booksellers:

This collection of games can be used by those who teach a second language to adults and children outside in a camp setting or in a family living room. Apart from their application in classrooms, these games are also designed to be played at children’s and adult parties. Many of them are adapted from those played in childhood and in high school language classrooms. Still others are adapted from “ice-breaker” activities used as part of various workshop programs.

Patricia M. Ningewance is Ojibwe from Lac Seul First Nation in northwestern Ontario and has 30 years of experience in language teaching, translation and media work.. She has previously written three language books including Talking Gookom’s Language. Her love of word games comes from her paternal grandmother, Maaganad (Margaret Ningewance) who lived with her family and used to play word games and riddles with her grandchildren in Ojibwe.

“I find that these games help students with their pronunciation and comprehension while having fun,” says the former teacher and language student.

You can order from McNally’s or email Mazinaate Books (in Winnipeg) at:

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