Solomon Ratt: SRO Chants for Consonant Sounds

Click to listen to Solomon read the consonant sounds of SRO.

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c-c-c-c: cêskwa, cêskwa, cêskwa pitamâ.Wait, wait, wait a bit.
h-h-h-h: hâw, hâw, hâw mâka.Okay, okay, okay then.
k-k-k-k: kâya, kâya, kâya itôta.Don’t, don’t, don’t do it!
m-m-m-m: mahti, mahti, mahti nêhiyawêtân.Please, please, please, let’s speak Cree.
n-n-n-n: namôya, namôya, namôya cêskwa.No, no, not yet!
p-p-p-p: pêtâ, pêtâ, pêtâ kimasinahikan.Bring it, bring it, bring your book.
s-s-s-s: sôhki, sôhki, sôhki-sêsâwî.Hard, hard, exercise hard!
t-t-t-t: tâpwê, tâpwê, tâpwê takahki.Truly, truly, it is truly great!
w-w-w-w: wîcih, wîcih, wîcih kiwîcêwâkan.Help him, help her, help your companion.
y-y-y-y: yîkatê-, yîkatê-, yîkatê-kwâskohti.Aside, aside, jump aside!

Click here to download mp3 audio file

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