Solomon Ratt: SRO Chants for Vowel Sounds

Click play to listen to Solomon read the vowel sounds used in SRO.

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a-a-a-a: apisîs, apisîs, apisîs nêhiyawêk.A little, a little, speak (you – plural) a little Cree!
â-â-â-â: âskaw, âskaw, âskaw âkayâsîmo.Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes speak English.
ê-ê-ê-ê: êkosi, êkosi, êkosi itôta.That’s it, that’s it, do it like that.
i-i-i-i: itwaha, itwaha, itwaha iskwâhtêm.Point to it, point to it, point at the door.
î-î-î-î: îkatêna, îkatêna, îkatêna êwako.Set it aside, set it aside, set that one aside.
o-o-o-o: omisi, omisi, omisi itwê.This way, this way, say it this way.
ô-ô-ô-ô: ôtê, ôtê, ôtê pê-itohtê.This way, this way, come this way.

Click here to download mp3 audio file

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