Cree Sacred Sites: Tyrone Tootoosis

[Originally posted on Facebook, December 12, 2013 at 1:46pm; reproduced here with permission.]

The following is a bit of information on select locations revered and held sacred by the First Peoples of this land. There are approximately 21,000 recorded sacred sites in Saskatchewan alone with many more that still need to be identified and protected.

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  1. Hello. Very interesting about these sites and stones. I wanted to ask if you have any knowledge and info on a healing stone that once sat on the shore of the Saskatchewan Rive where the town of The Pas Manitoba sits today. History explains that it was rolled into the river by a man named Henry Budd who was a Cree minister for the Anglican church at the time over a hundred years ago?

  2. I have enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing, our people are so unaware of what our ancestors have left us. Yes I totally agree that we need to put our own perspective into the classrooms when it comes to teaching about the history of it. I am an educator, and feel so strong about this. Thank you. You wouldn’t be hiring for any positions. I would love to work on the history of our land.

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback, Lillian Bear. All funding for this site and this project to date have come from my personal pocket. It would be lovely to have funding at some point in the future so people could be hired.

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