Cree Sacred Sites: Tyrone Tootoosis

Midden Petroglyph1

Unfortunately it was very heavily disturbed by pot hunters in the past and most of the ravine bottom was dug up and screened. This specific petroglyph was removed from its hilltop location by the earliest settlers to the area and it`s location is unknown as a road now goes right through the hill that it was found on. The petroglyph is carved on a rock of unknown composition. A cast was made of this petroglyph by the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History in 1928 and is presently retained by the Museum. The face on this petroglyph is similar to the one from the first site. It has the same eye motif but is not as deeply cut and has fewer lines for hair. Both hilltop sites are in an area which is rich in archaeological sites and resources. There are obviously many archaeological sites associated with this area but nothing has been recorded.

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