Cree Sacred Sites: Tyrone Tootoosis


This is another photograph I took of Wanuskewin. I had set up some tipis on this small meadow that is called the Tipperary Creek Habitation Site and it’s nestled deep in the valley. My personal involvement with Wanuskewin began in and around 1985 or so as I was asked by the Founding Elders and Meewasin Valley Authority to help out in different ways. This included helping out in the many ceremonies that they had on the site. In 1986, I was asked by the Elders and Meewasin Valley Authority to set up a tipi village including a stage and to coordinate a dance performance by Great Plains (our dance company) for the Royal Couple (Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip) who came to the site that Fall to designate it as a National Historic Site. Following this, I was again asked to co-choreograph/co-produce the Sound Track for the film on Wanuskewin and this also included doing a lot of Voice-Over work for the Main Gallery when it opened in 1992 where I was again asked to work on the Opening Ceremonies of the Park with our dance company Great Plains.

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