Cree Sacred Sites: Tyrone Tootoosis


In the Fall of 2004, CEO & Producer Roman Bittman from NAAF (National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) contacted me to ask if I would work with the Production Team in an advisory capacity in producing the 2005 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and Gala hosted by Saskatchewan in Saskatoon at the CUC (Credit Union Centre) to which I agreed. After many discussions, we agreed to honour Sacred Sites by using that as the theme for the 2005 Awards. I was asked to suggest and reccommend a few sites that we could visit and one of them was the St. Victor Petroglyphs located about an hour and a half south west of Saskatoon.We went there with an Elder and the Elder did a ceremony beside this rock ( in the picture) that was located on the side of this big hill in this huge valley by St. Victor. From a certain angle, this rock looks like a buffalo walking up the hill of the valley. I was told that the horizontal lines on the rock represent the ribs of the buffalo and the centre represents the buffalo’s spine. I don`t know what the indented spots represent. Across from this big valley is the effigy of a huge turtle. There are also many other sites located in the vicinity.

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