Cree Sacred Sites: Tyrone Tootoosis


This aerial photograph was taken a few years ago of what Saskatchewan Archaeological Society calls the Little Manitou Lake Erratic. This site is located 45 minutes north east of Saskatoon. I believe it was about 1998 when I received a call from the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society requesting a meeting with me to which I agreed. To make a long story short, they asked if I was interested in going to this site as I had never heard of this place before. I agreed and they said they would cover my mileage and gave me $75.00 for my gas. After looking around the area I had been directed to do to, I finally found it and spent a whole day at the site. There are close to 400 tipi rings just north of this big rock that is located at this site and many of the rocks that form the tipi rings are buried in the soil with just the tops of the rocks showing. Apparently, some years previous, a bunch of SAS students had gone there and covered each of the rocks in each tipi ring with white flour. Following this activity, they had hired a pilot who owned a small plane to take arial photographs of the site, hence this photograph. The Big Rock on the site is square now as many of the pieces on it`s side have fallen off. I had climbed to the flat top surface of the rock and upon doing so, found a bowl shaped indentation in the middle of the rock. This indentation was covered in red which I think was red ochre. I have returned once since then, and to my dismay found that high school grad students had sprayed graffiti on the rock (Grad Year, names etc.) Sad!

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