Chapter One Making Introductions – Two Dialogues and Vocabulary from Solomon Ratt

Solomon Ratt: Making Introductions, Dialogue 1:

A: tânisi. A: Hello, how are you.
B: namôya nânitaw. kiya mâka. B: Fine. How about you?
A: pêyakwan. Solomon nitisiyihkâson. kiya mâka, tânisi kitisiyihkâson ? A: The same. My name is Solomon. How about you, what’s your name?
B: George nitisiyihkâson. B: My name is George.
A: kayahtê âmaciwîspimowinihk ohci niya. kiya mâka, tânitê ohci kiya kayahtê? A: I am from Stanley Mission originally. How about you, where are you from originally?
B: oskana kâ-asastêki ohci niya, êkota mina mêkwâc niwîkin. kiya mâka, tânitê mêkwâc kiwîkin? B: I am from Regina, I also live there now. How about you, where do you live now? 
A: oskana kâ-asastêki mêkwâc nîsta niwîkin. okiskinwahamâkêw niya, kiya mâka, okiskinwahamâkêw cî kîsta? A: I live in Regina now too. I am a teacher, how about you, are you a teacher too?
B: namôya, okiskinwahamâkan niya! B: No, I am a student!


Making Introductions, Dialogue 2:

  1. tânisi?
    Hello, how are you?
I am tired.
  1. tânisi kitisiyihkâson
    What is your name?
pînciman nitisiyihkâson.
My name is Benjamin.
  1. tânitahtopiponêyan?
    How old are you?
nîstanaw nikotwâsosâp nititahtopiponân.
I am 26 years old.
  1. tânitê ohci kiya kayahtê?
    Where are you from originally?
kistapinânihk ohci niya kayahtê.
I am originally from Prince Albert.
  1. tânitê kikî-nihtâwîkin?Where were you born?
kistapinânihk nikî-nihtâwîkin.
I was born in Prince Albert.
  1. tânisi kî-ihkin kâ-kî-nihtâwîkiyan?
    What season were you born in?
It was winter
  1. tânitê kikî-pê-ohpikin?
    Where were you raised?
kistapinânihk nikî-pê-ohpikin.
I came to be raised in Prince Albert.
  1. tânitê kikî-pê-kiskinwahamâkosin?
    Where did you go to school?
mînisihk nikî-pê-kiskinwahamâkosin.
I went to school in Saskatoon.
  1. tânitê mêkwâc kiwîkin?
    Where do you live now?
oskana kâ-asastêki mêkwâc niwîkin.
I live in Regina now.
  1. nîpin cî mêkwâc?
    Is it summer now?
namôya, pipon.
No, it is fall.

Making Introductions, Vocabulary

êkota there
kayahtê originally
kîsta you too
kitisiyihkâson your name is
kiwîkin you live
kiya you
kiya mâka? How about you?
mâka but
mêkwâc now
mîna also/too
namôya no
namôya nânitaw fine
nânitaw about
nîsta me too
nitisiyihkâson my name is
niwîkin I live/reside
niya I/me
ohci from
okiskinwahamâkan a student
okiskinwahamâkêw a teacher
pêyakwan the same
tânisi hello, how are you
tânitê where

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