National Aboriginal History Month Day Four: mîkiwahp

Urban Native Magazine and Regina Aboriginal Professionals Association have launched a photograph challenge (for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in honour of National Aboriginal History Month. They’re using the Twitter hashtag #NAHM2015PhotoADay.

Here at the Cree Literacy Network, we’ve decided to play along, by gathering the images suggested – but (with help from Solomon Ratt) captioning them in Cree.

For Day Four, the word is Tipi:

mîkiwahp / ᒦᑭᐘᐦᑊ

I’ve “borrowed” this tipi photo from Tyrone Tootosis, who posted it in October 2014, noting, “Well, we finally got this 18 foot tipi up that will be used for the WWOS (Walking With Our Sisters) sacred fire which will burn 24/7 for 25 days straight while the WWOS Exhibit is on at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. I’m not sure but this “North America’s first mobile home” would probably pass if CMHC (Cree Mobile Home Commission) did an in-depth inspection. We had a bit of trouble reading the blue prints as we were putting it up because the information was in Cree Syllabics but, good thing I had my iPhone because every time we couldn’t read the Cree Syllabics … we just googled it.


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