Cree Names of Cree-speaking Communities across Canada

Thanks to tools I’ve learned through Steve de Roy’s Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Waterloo, Ontario, Musqueam Nation in BC, and, in 2017 in Winnipeg, I’ve gathered all the Cree place names I could find – for Cree-speaking communities, and added them to a Map.

I’m looking forward to adding additional details, including other kinds of place names and local photos.

You can help by sending in a photo of your home community – or a favourite place – and its current official place name. I need the current place name to look up the position for the pin on the map. But I can add in your photo and Cree place name if you send it. And if you’re not sure about spelling? That’s okay – just do your best, and we will do our best to render it in SRO and syllabics.

Got a story or a reflection about your community or favourite place? Please add that too: I’d love to create a map that shows a genuine sense of community!

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