New Pocket Phrasebook for Oji-Cree, just in time for Christmas

Congratulations to Pat Ningewance Nadeau for launching the fourth (fourth!) pocket phrasebook in her series from Mazinaate Press, and congratulations to Jerry Sawanas of Sandy Lake, Ontario for his role in bringing the concept to Oji-Cree. Listening to Jerry in the CBC interview is just magic. To paraphrase: it is through knowing the language that one comes to know the creator’s gifts.

The Swampy Cree edition by Ken Paupanekis is still available from McNally Robinson or from Mazinaate Books (Email:

I can’t wait to see the Plains Cree edition that is currently in the works, perhaps for release in 2016.

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    1. Hi Christian – I will pass on your email address to the publisher – Mazinaate Books – and let them get in touch with you.
      When I’ve got more details, I’ll post them here too.

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