Classics in Cree – Dolores Sand (y-dialect)

“Rock Around the Clock” is just one of the nine Classics in Cree Dolores recorded to CD in 2004 as a tool to get people to sing – and laugh – in Cree. Her translation of “All Shook Up” from the same CD was awarded a Gold Record from Winnipeg’s NCR Radio Station in 2005. Thanks to Dolores for permission to present not only her recordings, but also the translations – carefully written in SRO – that she prepared with the help of friends and elders from Muskeg Lake, Saskatchewan – to help learners sing along and learn.

Learn more about Dolores’s work as a “Creeture” in this March 2015 interview with CBC SaskWeekend – and a heads up about the Buddy Holly songs she’s planning to release on CD soon!

  1. nipīkinipayin (I Fall to Pieces)
  2. ēkāy ka-mātokāsoyan (Don’t Come Crying to Me)
  3. kapētipisk ka-nīmihitonaw (Rock Around the Clock)
  4. ninanamipayin (All Shook Up)
  5. kiya ē-kī-ohpiniyan (Wind Beneath My Wings)
  6. ocitaw kisãkihitin (Can’t Help Falling in Love)
  7. sãkihitowin (The Rose)
  8. kihci-kisēwãtisiwin (Amazing Grace)
  9. kīspin kisãkihin (Heel and Toe Polka)

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