Neal McLeod Day 103: mêmêkwêsiwak / the Little People

UR100I’m not promising we’ll get all the way to 200, but while we wait for Neal’s new book to come out via University of Regina Press, we can enjoy some of Neal’s newer Cree word studies via Facebook.

mêmêkwêsiwak ‘the Little People’

(also: apisciyinîsak).

There are stories where people would have dreams and go through doorways of trees, and meet the mêmêkwêsiwak. The mêmêkwêsiwak would then give the dreamer plants and medicines after being presented with ribbon, tobacco and cloth. I learned all of this from Old People from the James Smith reserve.


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Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, a not-for-profit-in-the-making with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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