Manitoba Cree (and Ojibwe) Historical Resources from Frontier School Division

I was intrigued today by Ken Paupanekis’s collection of books and videos from his time with Frontier School Division – and also to find how many of these carefully researched and prepared publications are available online in pdf form. Not a lot of Cree content, but really well prepared histories of Norway House and other Manitoba Cree (and Ojibwe) communities.

Find the whole collection of Frontier School Division pdfs here:

Individual titles (from the photo above, some also have corresponding teacher’s guides):

  1. Berens River: A Community Study
  2. Norway House Anthology: Stories of the Elders (Vol. 2)
  3. Norway House: A Brief History
  4. Origins and Influences (not available online)
  5. Four Communities: A Study of Hollow Water, Manigotogan, Seymourville and Ahgaming

Post script: Thanks to Ken Paupanekis (in Winnipeg) and Elaine Greyeyes (by phone from Muskeg Lake, SK) for agreeing to serve another year on the board of the Cree Literacy Network!

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