Maskwacîs Nêyihyawêwin Declaration 21 June 2016

Congratulations to everyone at Maskwacîs, and thank you to Bobbi Herrera for providing this advance copy of the signing ceremony program. The program includes the text of the declaration in syllabics (the writing system chosen by Maskwacîs elders). The English version of the declaration is attached at the end.

Read their press release here

The declaration is still only available as a photo (not as text), the copy here is the best we’ve been able to acquire:


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  1. Tansi

    Where can I get a copy? I`d like to share the document with our MALS group, Manitoba Aboriginal Language Strategy. Manitoba is in the processes of developing a language declaration, MB consist of 7 Aboriginal Languages.


    1. I’m still trying to get a real syllabic copy from Maskwacîs, but I’ll let them know you’re asking too!

    2. Hi Seekwun,
      I’ve written again to Maskwacis to ask for the document in Cree syllabics – but in the mean time, I’ve added a downloadable pdf of the English version that may help you. I also found a photo they sent of the declaration in syllabics written out on a tanned (buffalo?) hide. And yes, it’s simpler with only one language to address!

  2. Am honored to meet you and hope to learn how to write my Cree language in the computer. Thanks Creator will take care of you.

    1. tânisi, Rudy! The honour was all mine. I hope we can meet some time soon in Winnipeg to share some learning!

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