Dance along with Powwow Sweat

Thanks to Facebook friend Una Verdandi for sharing the CBC article about the amazing (and hilarious) Powwow Sweat dance/workout series created by Stylehorse Collective and the Coeur d’Alene tribe in Idaho. The videos feature energetic powwow dancer Shedaezha Hodge.

My favourite visual is Shedaezha standing in full regalia against a Teletubby background.

Makes me think we should begin gathering some basic dance vocabulary to work in some total physical response language learning at the same time:

Follow the Powwow Sweat Facebook group here:

Or search Youtube for “Powwow Sweat” to find these and many more:

Full Music Video

Warm up

Jingle Dress

Men’s Fancy Dance

Crow Hop

Double Beat

Men’s Grass Dance


Looking for some dance fitness action closer to home? In Lloydminster, you might be able to check out Brandyy-Lee Maxie’s (Nakota) Powfit:

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  1. Ahhaha! Chi Miigwetch! What a powerful way to balance fitness and culture. Hey wasn’t that the way we used to live? So grateful the Creator gave us all such amazing gifts. I am going to get fit and Grass Dance!

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