mâmaskâc! Solomon Ratt’s Beginning Cree is out at last!

Sol’s new book mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree is finally out. Congratulations to everyone involved! And – in addition to Sol himself, and the staff at University of Regina Press, and Holly Martin, and Arok Wolvengrey and Jean Okimâsis and others who helped proofing – that includes everyone who has viewed the preliminary versions of the book that Sol permitted us to share on the Cree Literacy Network at https://creeliteracy.org/maci-nehiyawewin-beginners-cree/. As soon as my own copy arrives, I will begin coding Sol’s video lessons to correspond with the proper sections of the printed book.

You can order Sol’s book online from Amazon, or direction from University of Regina Press. Order from Amazon:


Order from UofR Press:


from UR Press Facebook Page: “One of the most exciting things about publishing is seeing the author hold their finished book for the first time! Here’s Solomon Ratt, as well as our hardworking editors and designer, with his beautiful copy of ‘Beginning Cree’ with cover art by George Littlechild and illustrations by Holly Martin!”

Here’s what UofR Press has to say about the book:

Designed as an introduction for Cree language learners, Beginning Cree acts as a self-study aid–a much-needed resource in today’s world where most students cannot speak Cree fluently. Basic grammar units and everyday vocabulary items guide the student through the building blocks of the language, and expansion drills and exercises reinforce lessons and prepare the student for further study. With over 100 delightful illustrations, Beginning Cree grounds the language in traditional and contemporary contexts.

Solomon Ratt – who needs no introduction here – was born in a trapper’s cabin along the banks of the Churchill River. He went to Indian Residential School in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He attended the University of Regina, graduating with two BAs and a Masters of Arts. He has been teaching the Y-dialect of Cree at First Nations University of Canada (formerly SIFC) in Regina, Saskatchewan since 1986.

Illustrator Holly Martin is a Swampy Cree artist, originally from Moose Lake First Nation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Regina. (Amazing cover image by George Littlechild).

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  1. If you are going to buy one book this year……it has to be this one. I have been waiting since May 2016 to own a copy, and now it’s finally here…..I am over the moon.

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