Mary Cardinal Collins and Les Skinner at READ IN Edmonton

READ IN Edmonton is an event designed to create a greater awareness of the importance of reading. Historically, the event has successfully promoted the school as an important place for the development of lifelong literacy.

This year’s READ IN Week kicked off on Monday, October 3 at Convocation Hall on the University of Alberta Campus. You can watch the video at

Les and Mary show up to read David Bouchard’s Nokum Is My Teacher at about the 27 minute mark. Les talks about the importance of books in Cree as a meaningful step in reconciliation. Mary explains the confusion that English speakers have between nôhkom and kôhkom, and talks about the importance for Canadians in our bilingual French-and-English society to recognize the sounds of Cree.

(I ponder, in turn, whether David Bouchard might consider a new SRO edition of his beautiful book that features the art work of Allen Sapp.

You can  hear David Bouchard’s own performance on Youtube:

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