Solomon Ratt: Elements of Cree Culture

Thanks to Falene McKenna and Bradley Robinson who produced these graphics from Solomon Ratt’s original hand drawings, for allowing us to share them here. They present and organize – in Cree and in English – key elements of Cree culture with language exactly where it ought to be: at the centre of it all.

Thanks to Sol for providing audio to support reading and pronunciation!

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pîkiskwêwin oratory
mêtawêwin âtayôhkêwin play
âcimowina stories
pimâtisiwin kiskinwahamâkêwinalife lessons
kâ-pê-isi-pimâtisihk history
kâ-isiyihkâtêki ihtâwina place names
wawiyatwêwin humour
nanâtohk isîhcikêwinacrafts
wâhkohtowin (kinship) kinship
ohpikihâwasowin clan
nihtâwikiwin child rearing
nipiwin birth
nêhiyaw-isiyihkâcikêwin naming
Natural Cycleskâ-isi-ayâk misiwê-ita
ispihtâskîwina (seasons) seasons
kîsikohk kâ-ayâkik celestial bodies
pimâtiswin kâ-pimipayik life cycles
kêhtê-ayak elders
kîsopikiwak adult
pisiskiwak animals
Spiritual Customsahkahcowin isîhcikêwin
manâ-itôtamowina (taboos) taboos
kihci-itôtamowina protocol
kâkîsimowin prayer
nîmihitowin dance
nikamowina songs
kihci-isîhcikêwin ceremony
kâ-atohpikihk kihci-isîhcikêwin rites of passage
ihtâwin community
kâ-manâhohk ethno-botany
ayawinasa (clothes) clothes
mîciwin food
kânâkatêyihtamihk conservation
maskihkiy medicine

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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