Bringing the Thunder to L.A.: Northern Cree kimahihcihinân!

Update: Here – from Youtube – is the actual Northern Cree Grammy performance:
Congratulations to Steve Wood and all the fabulous members of Northern Cree who will “Bring the Thunder” to Los Angeles on February 12th for the Grammy’s kick-off. Northern Cree has received its seventh Grammy nomination, this time for best regional roots music album for “It’s a Cree Thing.”

Quoting from their own Facebook page (in Cree!):

Tansi nitoteminanâk. Mîstahi tapateyîmowin ôhci ôma kanîte wîtamatakohk ôma êkwa têpakohp kânawâsonkôwîyahk ôma yakowehôn ôhci Grammy Awards. Mîstahi nanâskomônan.

How are you all our fellow people. It is with great honour and humbleness that we announce our 7th nomination for the prestigious Grammy Awards for yakowehôn.

Northern Cree will be performing at the 12:30-3:30 Pacific Time “Premiere Ceremony” that will be streamed live internationally to over 4 million viewers. Livestream of the Grammy’s premiere (including Northern Cree’s performance) will be posted at for 90 days after the event. The awards will be broadcast live on CBS tv on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 8pm Eastern time.

Find Northern Cree videos from the new cd on their Facebook Page at:

Purchase the nominated cd “It’s a Cree Thing” or listen to sample cuts:

Find lots more great Northern Cree videos on Youtube. I can’t find one from the current cd, but here’s a link to “Facebook Drama” – an all-time favourite.

We send congratulations and respect to everyone in the group, including Steve Wood and his son Joel, Shane Dion, Leroy Whitstone, Ferlin McGilvery, Penny McGilvery, Jonas Tootoosis, Marlon Deschamps, Conan Yellowbird, Dezi Chocan, Ben Cardinal, Kyle Pasquayak, JohnBoy Moosomin, Randall Paskemin and Mickso Deschamps. kimahihcihinân: You make us all proud!

Read more via MSN Entertainment:

Or via CBC:



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