#CreeSimonSays: Simon Bird and #LilMoshom

I’m a little late to catch on to the Cree language teaching phenomenon that Simon Bird has created with his Little Moshoom Facebook videos. He has an incredible 7,730 followers: and I think I was 7,731! But where Facebook lets you see the good stuff once, then makes you keep scrolling, the Cree Literacy Network is set up to keep things to help us all find them later. So thanks, Simon, for agreeing to let me try hosting your videos here.

Here’s his own introduction from the FaceBook group (which you can visit and follow by clicking here).

Simon is a Cree Speaker with a B.Ed and and M.Ed in Education with a passion to help others learn and connect.

#CreeSimonSays will post a unique way of teaching the Cree Language. Its a fun, easy and simple, but not like Simon, just listen and follow to what Simon Says #CreeSimonSays.

Its as simple as
Meow Kissy Cow or May You Kiss A Cow
Meyokesikaw means It is a Nice/good Day in the Y dialect.

The posts will include Cree words, English words, common pictures and picture word games to be used as cues/aides to help you learn and remember. This fun and easy way that will help teaching the Cree language, its a great resource for teachers, and those with a desire to learn, we hope you have fun.

*Please remember, this page is only intended to be a learning aide. While it does teach Cree, nothing compares to conversing with a fluent cree speaker. Many of the words will be slightly off and the goal is for you to practice.

Any questions? Use the comment feature. All negative comments will be deleted and its users blocked from the sight, mwêstas.

Today’s video covers some really important Rez survival tips. 😉

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  1. Yes I am aiming to be a teacher in 2yrs and would like to learn cree as much as I can. I am currently taking cree and listening to the ppl speak it.

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