Poundmaker Museum Opening: With thanks to David MacKinnon and Roxanne Tootoosis

It was a fabulous day for the grand opening of the Poundmaker Museum at Poundmaker Cree Nation. The museum itself is a wealth of historical knowledge. The opening included various dignitaries including elders who spoke of the history of the resistance of 1885. The site is gorgeous and well placed, overlooking the battlefield in which Colonel Otter’s forces were defeated. Chief Poundmaker’s tomahawk and rifle were displayed. Request was made for the exoneration of Poundmaker. One of the dignitaries, Blaine Favel, said it eloquently: “You can’t have truth and reconciliation without the truth.” Kudos to the curator Floyd Favel, Sask Culture and all those responsible for the development of such a wonderful place commemorating such an important piece of history.

CBC’s coverage of the event can be found here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/poundmaker-artifacts-saskatchewan-museum-exhibit-1.4191865

Thanks to Roxanne Tootoosis for permisson to share some of her photos of the event right on her own home turf!

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