Reclaiming the legacy of Mistahi Maskwa / Big Bear

Thanks to Milton Tootoosis for allowing me to share this note from his Facebook group ACIMOWIN by Headman/Counsellor Milton Tootoosis. It is exciting to see that descendants of this visionary leader are finding ways to reclaim their proper place in Canada, and promote the name and legacy of their iconic ancestor.

The unique and historical Descendants of Mistahi Maskwa (Big Bear) Family Reps Information Meeting is on Sat Aug 19 @ Little Pine First Nation. Starts at 1pm. Prep meeting for the inaugural Gathering in 2018. This should be good.

Proud to be connected to the legendary leader who had great vision and resisted the temptation to accept treaty on the settlers terms. Big Bear & Poundmaker had the guts to demand better terms for their people. They warned the other Indian leaders that the treaty promises were not good enough and that the Queen and her reps could not be trusted (eg. broken treaties & Indian wars in the US). They would both be labelled rebel Indians and were unjustly charged, convicted and sentenced to prison for treason. Time to exonerate/pardon the legends. Their criticism and questions to the Queen’s reps have lived on since 1876. That’s vision, courage and leadership.

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