How do you say hamburger in Cree?

And just as importantly: What do you put on yours?

This little graphic was inspired by a question on the Facebook group
nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word of the Day. Thanks to Barry Ahenakew (Ahtahkakoop, SK), Simon Bird (Montreal Lake, SK), Stan Wilson (Opaskwayak, MB), and Solomon Ratt (Stanley Mission, SK) for their words for hamburger.

Of course, what you choose to put on it is up to you, but I notice that – unlike Barry Ahenakew – the photographer forgot the onion (wîhcêkaskosiy).

Thanks also to Wayne Jackson, who unwrapped the burger for a look and smell:

taswêkinêstamawin, niwâpahtên wiyâs êkwa nitêyihtên pahkwêsikanis
‘Spreading it open, I see meat and I smell the bun.’

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