Abel Charles Live from LaRonge via MBC Radio

Beautiful show 23 August 2017 on MBC about the benefits of traditional moss bags, and baby swings and breastfeeding for babies, Abel Charles interviewed Kayla Ratt (and her very well-behaved little one who added just the right amount of “pre-” Cree). After the break, baby’s kohkom, Ida Ratt – owâspisonihkêw ‘moss-bag maker’ – added her own teachings in Cree. The interview took place at the Lac LaRonge Indian Band Health Services Cultural Camp.

My ears aren’t nearly fast enough to catch it all, but wahwâ, this show is awesome. Even the ads in Cree are great.  Click here for Abel’s MBC bio – and tune in any chance you get! 

Online: http://www.mbcradio.com  Click on the “Listen Live” button at the top of the page.

Here’s a link from several years ago to several radio stations you can listen to live. I’d love to hear if there are broken links, but even better, if there are new listening reasources online: On MBC, even the ads (in Cree) are great!


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