Free Online Cree Classes: #CreeSimonSays

Simon Bird – with all his endless energy – is offering classes weekday mornings this fall via Facebook. To join the fun, you’ll need to join the FaceBook group #CreeSimonSays. The group is classified as “private” by FaceBook (like every FB group with fewer than 3000 followers), so you’ll need to go to and click “Join Group” in the top-right corner. You will have to wait for an admin to approve your request.

6am Central is 4am Pacific, which is too early even for Simon: But, as an added bonus, videos of each class are kept as posts in the Facebook group, and can be viewed any time. You can even watch videos from classes Simon taught over the summer. 

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  1. I love this idea ? I lost my cree when I was in the residence in Prince Albert. I used to talk fluent cree until my kokum passed on. I would love to get my cree back. It’s in me I know it but I am scared of how I sound and people laugh at you. My self-esteem I am working on. It’s been a long hard battle but it’s a working process. I am willing to give my all and keep at it. I hope to this free cree class works and helps me as well. Thank-you

  2. When does autumn start? And 6am cst is when in pst? My shild and i hope to listen learn iver breaky before school. Thank you mr simon for offering this.

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