Education Resource Catalogs for Cree and other First Nations Languages

There are quite a few excellent education resource centres across Canada that produce high quality Cree language (or closely related) materials. This listing gives links to some of their websites and sales catalogs, so you can have a look, and order from them directly.

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

  •  Manitoba First Nations Resource Centre has 41 titles for sale in its catalog, including several in Cree. Unfortunately, many Manitoban communities continue to struggle with their own unique spelling systems, so these titles are not as helpful for developing strong reading skills in Cree. The books are really beautiful, nevertheless. Here’s a link to their catalog.
  • The full range of materials available for sale can be viewed at MFNERC: The Shop

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    1. I am looking for cree childrens’ books for use in daycares. I would like a list of books for purchase. Thank you

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