Education Resource Catalogs for Cree and other First Nations Languages

There are quite a few excellent education resource centres across Canada that produce high quality Cree language (or closely related) materials. This listing gives links to some of their websites and sales catalogs, so you can have a look, and order from them directly.

SayIT First: Indigenous Language Revitalization

The methodology applied is simple – help children and those interested in reclaiming their language to use technology to scale the access, to collectively harness the vast knowledge held by all people into one location for use in the school systems. The idea is simply to create tools, used by the education system, parents and communities to reach a level of 20 hours per week for a three year period to achieve an acceptable level of fluency in the Native language. Just creating archives is not good enough; the tools developed have use in mind, that way content gets developed.

Learn more at: SayIT First

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  1. I am looking for cree childrens’ books for use in daycares. I would like a list of books for purchase. Thank you

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