Education Resource Catalogs for Cree and other First Nations Languages

There are quite a few excellent education resource centres across Canada that produce high quality Cree language (or closely related) materials. This listing gives links to some of their websites and sales catalogs, so you can have a look, and order from them directly.

LLRIB Cree Language Unit (formerly Gift of Language and Culture)

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Education Department has recently changed the name of their curriculum resource unit known as the Gift of Language and Culture Project to Cree Language Unit.

LLRIB Cree Language Unit
The online resource continues as Gift of Language and Culture

The Cree Language Unit will continue to:

Provide resources written in Cree for parents, teachers and community members.
Preserve, maintain and revitalize Cree language.
Collect information about our local histories and promote traditional land-based lifestyles of Northern Saskatchewan.
Work in conjunction with classroom teachers in order to provide quality educational resources for students.
The website will continue and still maintain its name and URL

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  1. I am looking for cree childrens’ books for use in daycares. I would like a list of books for purchase. Thank you

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