“Feds Rushing to help save endangered Indigenous languages”

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It was a genuine pleasure for me to meet Arif Virani and his colleagues in Winnipeg last month for pre-engagement hearings on the new Indigenous Languages Act, and it was a great honour to sit at the table with so many powerful Winnipeg Indigenous language advocates. But the simple fact is that there’s nothing money can do without the direct, energetic involvement of real life speakers, teachers and language champions.

Even Cree, one of two languages with a relatively healthy number of speakers is endangered if children are not learning the language. So here’s to all of the speakers and students and teachers and parents who come to this site bringing material to share – and to all the speakers and students and teachers and parents who come looking for that material to enhance their learning and to support the learning of others. With or without financial support, we have important work to do.

Here’s the most important Cree word I can think of while we continue to hope for the help and support that the Cree language deserves: âhkamêyimok! Let’s all stay at it!

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  1. Poko kamâmawikamâto(We need to work together).
    I pass the language to my children as we carry out daily tasks…e-ahkameyihtam tâpitawi.

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