From “A Framework for Indigenous Language Legislation”

As Solomon Ratt observes, the original is written entirely in the language of ‘omânitêwak’ (visitors, that is, English), so he’s remedying that by translating the six recommendations into th-dialect here. Listen and learn!

Here’s a link to the original document prepared by First People’s Cultural Council:

ôta ohci ôma “kiskinwahihtâsowin ohci ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin.”From “A Framework for Indigenous Language Legislation”
ikos kâ-isi-masinahamahk kiskinwahihtâsowin ispimihk ôta ohci, nikotwâsik anihi kîkwaya ta-pisiskîthihcikâtîki osîhtâniwiki ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin. iyakoni ôho ôta masinahikâtîwa ikwa mîna nipakosîthimowinâna:As we outline in the above framework, there are six areas which must be encompasses within the proposed Indigenous language legislation. These areas along with our recommendations are:
kâwi ta-otinikâtîki, kihtwâm ta-ohpikihkâtîki, îkwa kâpî ta-pamihcikâtîkiReclamation, revitalization, and maintenance
nisihkimonân ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin ta-nisitawîthihtamahk kâwi ta-otinamahk ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina, kihtwâm ta-ohpikihtâyahk ithiniw pîkiskwîwina, ikwa kita-ahkami-pîkiskwîyahk ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina, kahkithaw ithiniwak ohci ôta Canada.We recommend that Indigenous language legislation recognize the need for reclamation, revitalization and maintenance for all Indigenous languages of Canada.
ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina kiskinwahamâtowinIndigenous Language education
nisihkimonân ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin ta-ayâsîtât ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina mîthikosiwin mîna ta-takonamahk ithiniw-kiskinwahamâtowin.We recommend that Indigenous language legislation affirm Indigenous language rights including the right to language education.
nisihkimonân ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina ta-nistam-astîki kitaskînahk Cananda mîna ta-otasiwâniwik ta-wîcihitonânowik ihtâwinihk ôma nisitawinamâkîwin.We recommend the national recognition of the Indigenous languages of Canada as the first languages of this land with provision for local implementation of this recognition.
kâ-isi-pimipathihcikâtîk ikwa ka-wîcihitonânowikInfrastructure and capacity building
nisihkimonân ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin ta-nâkatîthicikâtîk kâ-isi-pimipathihcikâtîk ikwa ta-wîcihihonânowik ta-maskawâk pakosîthimowin ôma ohci othasowîwin.We recommend that indigenous language legislation regulate the establishment of infrastructure to support capacity-building and successful implementation of the legislation’s key objectives.
kîhcinâc ka-wîcîhitonânowinGuaranteed Support
nisihkimonân othasowîwin ta-othasiwânowik kîhcinâc sôniyâw kapî ta-ihtakot ta-wîcihihonânowik ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina othasowîwin ka-nisitawîthihtamahk, kâwi ta-otinikâtîk ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina, kihtwâm ta-ohpikihkâtîk ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina, ikwa kita-ahkimi-pîkiskwîyahk ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina.We recommend that legislation mandate guaranteed, permanent and sustainable funding for Indigenous language reclamation, revitalization and maintenance.
ithiniw nîkânastamâkîwin ikwa tipîthihtamowinIndigenous leadership and control
nisihkimonân othasowîwin ta-wihtamamât ithiniwa ta-nîkânastamâkîcik ikwa ta-tipîthihtahkwâw kahkithaw ithiniw-pîkiskwîwina atoskîwina.We recommend that legislation declare Indigenous leadership and control of Indigenous language initiatives.

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