Bridging Communities: ê-âsokanîstamowâyahkik ihtâwina

I’m feeling very proud today, after bringing one set of old friends (Solomon Ratt and Arok Wolvengrey) to meet another set of old friends (members and friends of Editors Canada). Taking part in the 2018 Editors Canada Conference in Saskatoon, and seeing new connections begin to take shape was a genuine privilege, so I’m sharing a few photos here in celebration.

The conference’s opening reception featured a welcome and prayer by Métchif-speaking elder Norman Fleury (who has lent his time and patience to three doctoral dissertations about the Métchif language), followed by first class fiddling and jigging by Tristen Durocher of LaRonge, accompanying the Creeland Dancers from Beardy’s and Okimâsis (led by cousins Amy and Kevin Seeseequasis).

I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo with Sol before he got away, but I did manage to catch him in his office at First Nations University where I visited him on Thursday. Our joint presentation was titled “Translating English into Cree: Not Just Lip Service,” and we were followed by Arok’s presentation titled “Standardization of an Indigenous Language: Orthography and Editing Practices.” I look forward to sharing the PowerPoint slides from both presentations in the very near future.

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