Louis Says: Cree Language Episodes Online at APTN

If you’re not already a fan of the APTN animated kids’ series Louis Says, you’re probably about to become one. Solomon Ratt recently shared this APTN link which includes full Cree-language episodes of the series. The idea of the show (in English) is Randy finding help to understand the Cree words that Louis teaches him (sometimes with hilarious results). When the show is translated into Cree (th-dialect), the producers chose Denesułine as the mystery language.

Listen carefully to see whose voices you recognize, including Solomon Ratt and Cynthia Cook (who does a fantastic kohkom!)

In addition to full episodes, the APTN site includes the viewing schedule and printables suitable for young language learners.



About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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