Frog Lake Memories: CBC 1994

Twenty-four years since this CBC video was made, the same issues remain to be addressed. A link to this video appeared recently on FaceBook thanks to Mary Cardinal Colins and Peter Desjarlais. It reflects on the distinct role of the Cree people at Frog Lake as they fought the starvation policies of Sir John A MacDonald and his department of Indian Affairs. The mass execution that followed is the largest in Canadian history, yet still virtually unknown to most Canadians. Here’s the original CBC link (viewed 25 June 2018)):

I’d like to hear more about the Cree-language interviews that were recorded by Blair Stonechild and others. Perhaps Brenda (Gardipy) Ahenakew can help us track them down!

Additional stories/photos of this event:

An infamous anniversary: 130 years since Canada’s Largest Mass Hanging 27 November 1885

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