Hockey Night from Enoch’s!

Before anybody can say, “kitâskwêw, pihtakwatâw!!!!! (He shoots, he scores!!!), we can already name the first, second, third and fourth stars of the March 24, 2019 NHL game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Carolina Hurricanes:

  • Earl Wood,
  • Clarence Iron,
  • John Chabot
  • Jason Chamakese

Congratulations to APTN, too for all the work it’s taken to make this happen. Here’s a link to the full story from APTN, with a link to some hockey vocabulary further below.

Cheering (with thanks to Simon Bird and Mary Cardinal Collins):

  • awâs! for ‘Go!’ (to one person), but if you need to yell at the whole team at once, use awâsitik for ‘Go, All of you!’
  • kisiskâpayiw (vai) = ‘go fast’ (but be really careful with your vowel length: kîsipayiw (vii) = ‘ends, terminates’
  • ahkamêyimo = keep it up, persist
  • sohkih = go hard
  • kweyaho = hurry .
  • tahkahkih = good on u!
  • ahaw = Let’s go!
  • ahaw mâka = Come on!

Some other general hockey vocabulary from the online itwêwina dictionary:

  • atihkwasiniy (hockey stone, puck; caribou testicle)
  • sôniskwâtahikêwikamik (arena, hockey rink)
  • sôniskwâtahikêwin (skating; hockey)
  • sôniskwâtahikêw (skate; play hockey; ski)
  • okipahowêw (jailer, prison guard; goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender)
  • ohciyâkêw (win from, over people (with things); score a win)
  • mêtawêwin (game, contest, sport; dialogue)
  • okipahowêw (jailer, prison guard; goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender)

Lots of additional news posts about this, and genuine excitement! 

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Here’s a piece about Earl Woods: 

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