Nighthawk and Little Elk in Plains Cree: TaleFeather Publishing

The quality of these productions from TaleFeather Publishing looks simply amazing. I can’t wait to see them in real life. Congratulations to author eelonqa K harris, and to the translators who have produced not only Plains Cree editions, but also German, Arabic, and Inuktitut (among others)! There are Kindle editions with audio, and audio-only editions, that make perfect accompaniment to the print books.

Here’s a sample of Nighthawk and Little Elk, read by its Plains Cree translator, Marie Kyplain (published text is provided in SRO and in syllabics). See more on Amazon at

And look for similar samples of iyinim nâpêsis (Blueberry Boy) on Amazon as well. (I know who’s gonna be the first kid on my block to have copies of both!)

Note that print copies are only available from direct, since Amazon does not support Indigenous languages in print. 

nīsōhkamātowak mitonikayās pēyakōskānēsiwak. nīso kē-sākihāwak awāsisak. macihtwāw pēyak okanawēyihcikēw mīna sōskwāc kīskwēhkān-iskwēw. wanēyihtamowin. kostātikosiwin. nisto mēskwacipayiwina. sōhkēyihtākosiw nōtinikēwiyiniw…
maskawātisiw maskihkiwiskwēw. kihcēyihtākwan iyinīsiwin…

kakwāyaki-wanitōtamākēwin ācimowinis mīna paspīwin ohci, māmawi-astêw tāpwēhtamowin mitoni kayās ohci pīwāpiskwastotin ācimowinis, ēkwa mīna mitoni kayās nēhiyawi-ātayōhkēwin, mīna ātiht mastaw wanihtamōwīwin itahkamika masinahikēwin.

nanātohk mitoni kayās ohci māka-mastaw itastāwin, ācimostākēwin asici apisci-pīkwēyihtamōwin, apisci māmaskātikosīwin, wawiyasipayin, kisci-itwēwin ahpo niso ta-miyohtākwa, ay-āskawi sōskwāc kīhkāhtoskiwin, takahki-ātayōhkēwin.

atihtēw masinahikan piko awiyak kici mīna pīkiskwēwin āsōnam.

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Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, launched in 2010 with the goal of creating Cree language literacy materials suitable for use by learners of all ages.
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