Standing Witness: Poundmaker’s Exoneration 23 May 2019

“Before the Battle of Cut Knife, Poundmaker led his band members to Fort Battleford to both reaffirm their relationship with the Crown and press for fair treatment. But neither government officials nor the RCMP would emerge from the fort”.

We hope the mainstream media is filled today with stories acknowledging the great historic wrong that was done to Chief Poundmaker and many of his Cree allies following the 1885 Resistance. For us, it’s an opportunity to stand witness.

Thank you to Winona Wheeler for permission to share some of the images she shared today acknowledging the work of her late husband, Tyrone Tootoosis, Sr. 

Here are some links to stories relating to events past and present to help us all remember.

Justin Trudeau exonerates Saskatchewan chief of historic treason conviction

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